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White Balsamic Vinegar:

Sweet, floral, and perfectly tangy;

this white balsamic is a delight for the senses.

Golden, ripe Umeboshi Plums from Japan, combined with a smooth aged white balsamic; this flavor combination is superb. Reminiscent of Plum brandy- this is delicious over cooked pears and ice cream, or combined with our Blood Orange Olive Oil for an incredible dressing over spinach.

 200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00

Sweet Apricot

White Balsamic Vinegar:

This apricot balsamic vinegar is refreshing,

and perfect as a topping for a nice hearty pound cake with fresh stone fruit!

You can also jazz up your bitter spring greens with this sweet white balsamic,

or top off your bubbly!

Incredible with our Basil Olive Oil too.

 200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00


House Made: Santa Claws

MD Blend Olive Oil

Made in-house with simply Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chesapeake Spices,

this one is incredibly delicious and unique!

Fantastic on popcorn, crab dip, omelets, or grits.

Combine with our Champagne Wine Vinegar for a delicious marinade

for shrimp, or to drizzle on your oyster shooters!

~1 bottle left~

*contains sodium*

 200mL bottle……. $18.00

We are currently CLOSED for Winter Break through Feb. 1st! See you 2/2 12-5pm
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