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Feature Premiums:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wow- BIG, bold flavor with this one!

This Robust olive oil packs a big pungent pepper combined with a very creamy mouthfeel and classic Greek bitterness in the cheeks. This has a whopping 453.2ppm in Oleocanthal alone-- accounting for around 70% of the total phenols. This super food fruit juice is good for you, and tastes incredible!

Try it on fresh Arugula with a splash of Tarragon Balsamic,

douse some Naan bread, or use it to garnish your charcuterie platter!


Biophenols: 651.2

200mL bottle……. $18.00

 375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle..... $38.00

Last Call: Tarragon

White Balsamic Vinegar

This is a brand new vinegar we've never had before!

Perfect for Spring- this balsamic is delish! Zingy and bright, a wonderful combination of sweet balsamic and Tarragon.

This is so good as a light dressing drizzled over Spring Greens,

and delicious when blended with an avocado for a Green Goddess dressing!

Try it combined with our Rosemary Olive Oil.

Get some while it's here!

200mL bottle……. $18.00

 375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle..... $38.00