L.O.V.E.'s Current

Feature Premiums:

Chaabani Pepper

Fused Olive Oil

This olive oil is reminiscent to Smoked Spanish Paprika

with a nice amount of heat that will make your taste buds sing! 

Try this olive oil on polenta, shrimp and grits, drizzled over manchego cheese

or on a grilled pizza with topped with chorizo! 

Come by and pick some up before you fire up the grill this Fall!  

      200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00

Oregano Fused Olive Oil

Summer in a bottle!

Fresh oregano crushed at the same time as the olives, this oil is truly incredible!

Drizzle this over your wood fired pizza, or mix it right into your homemade pizza dough recipe. Also delicious for frying eggs, pouring all over focaccia bread, or mix with our Fresh Lemon White Balsamic for a perfect summer dressing! 

      200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00