L.O.V.E.'s Current

Feature Premiums:

Passion Fruit

White Balsamic


This balsamic makes your garden greens sing- just add our Lemon Olive Oil

for a punchy, fruity summer dressing.

It also makes an incredible spritzer with seltzer water; add rum and it’s a cocktail! Also great with our Blood Orange Olive Oil as a tropical vinaigrette- think spinach, red onion and mango slices.

Here for a very limited time!

      200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00

Roasted Onion & Cilantro

Infused Olive Oil

The aroma of slowly roasted onions hits your nostrils first,

followed by the familiar smack of fresh cilantro.

This olive oil is perfect for Spring,

and all of the summer veggies starting to sprout!

Try this for marinating pork chops, or using to roast fennel or beets.

Incredible when combined with our Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar!

Almost gone!

      200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $24.00

750mL bottle……. $38.00