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L.O.V.E.'s Current
Feature Premiums:


Sweet Apricot

White Balsamic

This apricot balsamic vinegar is refreshing,

and perfect as a topping for a nice hearty pound cake with fresh stone fruit!

You can also jazz up your bitter spring greens with this

sweet white balsamic, or top off your bubbly. 

Incredible with our Basil Olive Oil and Gremolata Olive Oil.

~Only Here For A Limited Time~

200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $25.00

750mL bottle……. $40.00

Last  Call:

Leek Fused Olive Oil

Yum- this fused olive oil is delightful!

Creamy and mellow, the olives blended perfectly with

fresh leeks to make this incredible oil.

Fantastic for frying eggs, lightening up a Caesar dressing,

or for sautéing veggies!

Delicious with our Italian Herb Dark Balsamic,

and for drizzling on pizza!

~Almost Gone~

200mL bottle……. $18.00

375mL bottle……. $25.00

750mL bottle……. $40.00

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