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We have 4 varieties of

dipping bowls available!


Yin and Yang:

This beautiful dipping bowl allows you the chance to dip on each side for the perfect balance of olive oil and vinegar.

Olio Dipping Bowl:
This bowl is for the olive oil purist. 
Fill with your favorite dipping oil, and the words in the pattern come to life. 
A beautiful centerpiece for your appetizer spread.

Garlic Grater:

This garlic grater bowl is magical!
Simply rub a clove of garlic over the textured surface, and add oli
ve oil, salt and pepper. This will take your bread dipping to a whole new level-
but vampires beware!

Heart Dipping Bowl: $10.00
 The Balsamic Vinegar sinks to the bottom of this dipping bowl,
while the olive oil floats on top.
Perfect for bread dipping!

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