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L.O.V.E.'s Wine Vinegars

Our wine vinegars are extremely smooth.

Very different from what you get in the grocery stores, these wine vinegars are made using the Solera method which allows aging within the batches.

Smooth and silky wine vinegars make a welcome change to your pantry staples.


NEW: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

California Apple Cider Vinegar

Woohoo we are SO excited to offer this! Raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar

is rich in phenols and delicious to boot! Fruity California apples make this zingy,

bold vinegar really stand out. Being raw and unfiltered,

this is packed with MOV (mother of vinegar)- so great for your gut!

A taste of this takes you right to the apple orchard-

earthy, mellow and silky smooth for a straight cider vinegar.

Notes: Try whisking this together with our sweet Crisp Apple White Balsamic or Red Apple Dark Balsamic Vinegar for the ultimate hearty salad dressing!


French Wine Vinegar

When you first taste our Champagne Vinegar, you'll instantly fall in love with its smooth and elegant flavor. That's due in part to the way in which it is produced. Unlike other Champagne vinegars, this one never undergoes a pasteurization process. By eliminating this step, the vinegar possesses a lovely, rich base.

Notes: Imported from the Champagne region of France, the vinegar is a divine ingredient in salads or try in homemade mayonnaise; simply whisk with olive oil, eggs and mustard.

Red Wine

Spanish Wine Vinegar

This is a barrel aged Red Wine Vinegar that is sweet and smooth with a hint of Oak, Cherry and Chestnut Woods.

Note: This fine Spanish vinegar is fabulous in light salad dressings, pickling,

and as a balancing acid in any dish!


Spanish Wine Vinegar

From Jerez, Spain and made in the traditional Solera aging system, our Sherry Reserva 25 Year Wine Vinegar, has a true sherry flavor that can only come from cask-aging.

Note: This fine Spanish vinegar is fabulous in reduction sauces and whenever strength and depth of flavor is desired- think creamy soups!.



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