L.O.V.E.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are some of the freshest in the world!

Olives that are pressed and picked within hours make olive oil

so fresh and delicious, it will change your life!

We get our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small artesenal producers in both hemispheres; depending on the pressing season,

in order to ensure supreme quality.


Organic Chetoui

Tunisian Varietal, Currently harvested in TUNISIA

   This Organic Chetoui from Tunisia- just pressed in November 2020,

is the HIGHEST Biophenol Olive Oil we have ever gotten!

It has a total biophenol count of 1,127.9 with oleacein in the mid 200s. 

The olives were picked very early and processed minimally to retain the high phenols;

this yields less oil, but creates much higher quality olive oil.

It was even tested  twice to make sure the breakdown was correct, since it was higher than their original biophenol text scale. It tastes very bold and robust but is rather pleasant.

Green on the front with a big pepper finish, it also has a very noticeable bitter bite to it.

We will only have this for a limited time! 

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2020!!!              Biophenols: 1,127.9


Melgarejo Picual

Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in SPAIN

Beautiful, green and velvety- this oil is incredible!

Perfectly bright and fruity, there is virtually no bitterness or pungency to speak of.

Smooth to the last drop- this tastes like liquid gold!

Smother your popcorn in this, or combine this with our red wine vinegar

for a silky smooth dressing over fresh spinach.

Crushed: June 2020            Biophenols: 291.1


Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in GREECE

Come try our Greek Athinolia Olive Oil!

Bright, green, and creamy- the fruitiness of this oil bursts on the front. Smooth mouth feel, with a perfectly balanced bitterness; enjoy the surprise pepper kick on the end. This is delicious over a fresh Arugula salad with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese shavings,

or combined with our Black Cherry Dark Balsamic for a fruit-burst dressing!

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2020!!!              Biophenols: 378.7





Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in CALIFORNIA

Wow- creamy, buttery and incredibly reminiscent of just-ripe avocado.

This makes the most incredible dressing when combined with our Cinnamon Pear Dark Balsamic.

Also delicious for skillet-frying potato slices, or topping your crunchy garlic bread.

Crushed: OCTOBER 2020!!!              Biophenols: 236.9



Italian Varietal, Currently harvested in SOUTH AFRICA

Robust and pungent, this olive oil is bold!

Notes of smooth, green olive gives way to green artichoke. Enjoy the pepper in the  back of your throat if you sip it with a little air. This is incredible when combined in equal parts with our Red Wine Vinegar for a light, crisp dressing; or splash this over some popcorn for a real treat!

Crushed: June 2020             Biophenols: 514.2

Don Carlo

Italian Varietal, Currently harvested in SOUTH AFRICA

Bold, smooth, and green; this olive oil is well balanced!

Slight bitter on the tongue, with noticeable grassy tones and a pungent pepper burst on the end. Incredible when paired with our  Fig Balsamic, or delicious to use for marinating roasted red peppers.

Crushed: May 2020             Biophenols: 422.3


California Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Big, Bright and bitter- whew this oil knocks your socks off. Extremely robust with intense pungent finish, enjoy the noticeable bitterness in the corners of your cheeks. Great as the base for heavy sauces, or as the oil in your bread recipe. Delicious over hearty kale greens.

Crushed: May 2020           Biophenols: 519.9


Spanish  Varietal, Currently harvested in AUSTRALIA

Creamy, yet bold this Hojiblanca delights.

Bright, green, creamy tones without being too fruity; the mouthfeel is velvety.

Unripe banana notes with a very rich finish- no pepper in sight.

This is delicious for a marinated bean salad, or for soaking focaccia.

Crushed: June 2020                Biophenols: 188.3