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L.O.V.E.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are some of the freshest in the world!

Olives that are pressed and picked within hours make olive oil

so fresh and delicious, it will change your life!

We get our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small artesenal producers in both hemispheres; depending on the pressing season,

in order to ensure supreme quality.


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in SPAIN

Yowza- this is a firecracker!

Green, bright and incredibly well rounded, enjoy the big pungent finish on the end.

Notes of young, green banana and hints of fresh grass;

notable green artichoke as well. Try this for frying pita crisps,  

combine with our Raspberry Balsamic for a Spring dressing,

or use it for tossing on your pasta!

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022         Biophenols: 471.1



Portuguese Varietal, Currently harvested in PORTUGAL

Mmmm- this buttery olive oil is delish! Enjoy the smooth avocado tones, and virtually no pepper. This is delicious for adding to mashed potatoes, drizzling over acorn squash, or for slow cooking scrambled eggs.

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022         Biophenols: 222.3



Portuguese Varietal, Currently harvested in PORTUGAL

Wow- this bright green and fruity tasting olive oil is surprisingly creamy! Notes of green tomato and tomato leaf, mixed with slight tones of apple.  Enjoy this for drizzling over pizza dough or for mixing with our Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar for a bright and fruity dressing.

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022         Biophenols: 415.2



Portuguese Varietal, Currently harvested in PORTUGAL

Whew- this one is intense! Huge, robust, green flavors are hard to miss on this one. Notes of artichoke with a big black pepper finish. Enjoy the green banana and fig leaf tones, while noticing the subtle green apple. This olive oil is delicious for a hearty roast, fatty fish, or for dunking your bread.

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022         Biophenols: 709.2!!!!



Italian Varietal, Currently harvested in ITALY

There is a surprising pungency to this olive oil considering its light mouth feel.

Very bright, unripe banana tones along with green artichoke make this very pleasant. Enjoy with peppery arugula or as a zingy dressing with fresh lemon juice.

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022          Biophenols: 311.7


Portuguese Varietal, Currently harvested in PORTUGAL

Light and smooth, with a very slight bitterness,

notice the grassy tones of this oil.

Hints of shallot and a pleasant fruitiness bring this oil to perfect balance.

Combine equal parts with our Traditional 18 Year Balsamic for an out of this world dressing!

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022           Biophenols: 586.4


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in CALIFORNIA

Fruity, creamy and bright, this olive oil is fantastic. Big pepper on the end when you sip it with air. Enjoy the artichoke and green banana tones. Perfect for fresh greens and a crack of black pepper, or for perfecting your ciabatta recipe!

Crushed: OCTOBER 2022           Biophenols: 352.8


Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Slight bitterness with green grass tones,

the intense pungent pepper on the end is rather mellow.

Enjoy the fig leaf and artichoke tones.

Try this for baking squash in the oven or mixing with our Sherry Vinegar for a nice vinaigrette.

Crushed: May 2022          Biophenols: 451.6

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