L.O.V.E.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are some of the freshest in the world!

Olives that are pressed and picked within hours make olive oil

so fresh and delicious, it will change your life!

We get our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small artesenal producers in both hemispheres; depending on the pressing season,

in order to ensure supreme quality.

Featured Oro Bailen Picual

Spanish  Varietal, Currently coming from SPAIN

Very rarely found in the U.S. on tap, we are so excited to offer this to you!

Gorgeous dark green in color and perfectly balanced, this is like liquid gold!

Beautifully bright and fruity, followed by a burst of black pepper.

*Featured Price*

Crushed: OCTOBER 2019              Polyphenols: 355


Greek Varietal, Currently coming from GREECE

Full and creamy, this oil is complex.

Mellow, green grass tones on the front with hints of unripe banana.

Slurp with air to enjoy the pepper finish. Perfect for a bowl of hearty soup and crusty bread!

Crushed: OCTOBER 2019              Polyphenols: 272


Spanish  Varietal, Currently coming from AUSTRALIA

Smooth, bright, well rounded and fruity, this Hojiblanca tastes like liquid gold!

Green tones, with a hint of apple notes, this is fantastic for bread dipping,

or drizzling over an apple, spinach, walnut salad with a crack of black pepper.

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 243


Spanish Varietal, Currently coming from AUSTRALIA

Watch out- she bites!

This manzanillo is creamy and smooth with lovely green tones.

But if you sip it with a gulp of air, this blossoms into a pungent, peppery firecracker-

watch for the burn in the back of your throat.

Delicious for roasting turkey or winter squash!

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 332


Italian Varietal, Currently coming from AUSTRALIA

Smooth, fresh and delicious, this oil is good enough to sip!

Enjoy a slight green bitterness at first with a fantastic peppery pungency

in the back of the throat for a big finish!

Enjoy on cheese!

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 479

Favolosa Reserve


Chilean Varietal, Currently coming from CHILE

Very robust and pungent, this olive oil is not for the faint of heart.

Slightly bitter on the tongue at first, followed by hints of green grass,

this oil then ends with a pungent kick that lingers long after your sip!

Great on avocados!

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 525

Spanish  Varietal, Currently coming from CHILE

Bright, fruity, and deliciously "green;" this is liquid gold!

Green apple tones with an incredibly silky mouth-feel, this olive oil is perfect for everything!

Drizzle all over your popcorn, or fry up a crunchy grilled cheese!

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 251


Greek  Varietal, Currently coming from CHILE

Robust, yet creamy; slightly bitter with BIG green notes. Enjoy the fantastic burst of pepper when sipped with some air. This is delicious on arugula salad, or drizzled liberally over a steamy, thick bean stew.

Crushed: MAY 2019              Polyphenols: 478