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L.O.V.E.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are some of the freshest in the world!

Olives that are pressed and picked within hours make olive oil

so fresh and delicious, it will change your life!

We get our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small artesenal producers in both hemispheres; depending on the pressing season,

in order to ensure supreme quality.


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Earthy, green and bold, this Arbequina is robust.

But don’t worry- those typical creamy avocado tones still prevail; the buttery mouth feel is delightful. Very minimal pepper, but a marked bitterness in the cheeks.

Try this for making homemade hummus or for oiling crusty bread with a smear of roasted garlic.

Crushed: APRIL 2023!!                 Biophenols: 315.27



Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in AUSTRALIA

Bright, light and green, this tastes like liquid gold! Hints of tomato leaf make way for a nice pungent finish. Enjoy this with our Grapefruit White Balsamic for a light and bright dressing, or just glug this over some thick slices of heirloom tomatoes.

Crushed: MAY 2023!!         Biophenols: 534.2




Italian Varietal, Currently harvested in AUSTRALIA

Robust, and unusual, this Coratina is unique!

Green, leafy tones blend well with a very unusual spiced aroma that’s reminiscent of cinnamon. Slurp it with air to

get a nice pungent tickle in the back of your throat.

Enjoy this for roasting butternut squash and

drizzling over juicy, smoked chicken.

Crushed: MAY 2023!!         Biophenols: 499.1



Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Yum! Bright green in color and full of flavor,

this bursts with tones of green tea and fig leaf.

Slight pepper on the end is joined by a bit of bitterness in the cheeks. Try this combined with our Red Apple

Dark Balsamic for a Fall flavored dressing,

or use this alone on a French baguette

with a swipe of fig preserves. 

Crushed: APRIL 2023!!          Biophenols: 507.5


Albanian Varietal, Currently harvested in ALBANIA

We've never had an Albanian varietal before!

Velagosht, “The red olives of Berat” is a native olive variety to Albania. Named after the the village of Velagosht on the outskirts  of Berat, this city is a 2400 year old UNESCO world heritage city; well known for its olives- with over 40% of Albanian olive production.

This oil really packs a punch!

Very robust and intense, this is unlike any olive oil we've had before.

Hints of celery, red sail lettuce and mustard greens; this features a huge pepper on the end. Along with a pungency in the back of your throat, enjoy the very noticeable bitterness on the tongue. This is great for dipping whole wheat seed bread, roasting meats or veggies, or for marinating feta cheese to spread on crackers.

Crushed: November  2022          Biophenols: 597.6


Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in GREECE

Yum, this sure packs a punch! Bright and bold, you'll notice the green banana tones and notes of fig leaf.

Slight bitterness in the cheeks is very apparent right before the big pungent finish. This is delicious for dressing peppery greens like mustard or rocket. Also great for roasting beets.

Crushed: November  2022          Biophenols: 360.7


 Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in SPAIN

Smooth, creamy and  bright- this tastes like liquid summer. Fruity notes and noticeable tomato leaf tones make this olive oil very balanced. Enjoy the taste of bright green olives and a slight pepper on the end. Delicious for bread dipping, over Spring Greens, or for drizzling over fresh pasta noodles. 

Crushed: November 2022          Biophenols: 304


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in SPAIN

Yowza- this is a firecracker!

Green, bright and incredibly well rounded,

enjoy the big pungent finish on the end.

Notes of young, green banana and hints of fresh grass;

notable green artichoke as well. Try this for frying pita crisps,  

combine with our Raspberry Balsamic for a Spring dressing,

or use it for tossing on your pasta!

Crushed: NOVEMBER 2022         Biophenols: 471.1

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