L.O.V.E.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oils are some of the freshest in the world!

Olives that are pressed and picked within hours make olive oil

so fresh and delicious, it will change your life!

We get our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small artesenal producers in both hemispheres; depending on the pressing season,

in order to ensure supreme quality.



Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Wow- big, bold and very intense!

Uniquely buttery and creamy along with very bright green notes.

Reminiscent of artichoke and green banana, before blasting a big peppery finish.

Enjoy just a hint of bitterness on the end.

Delicious for roasting vegetables, drenching your baguette,

or combine with our Champagne Vinegar for a punchy dressing.

Crushed: MAY 2022           Biophenols: 546.7



Greek Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Slight bitterness with green grass tones,

the intense pungent pepper on the end is rather mellow.

Enjoy the fig leaf and artichoke tones.

Try this for baking squash in the oven or mixing with our Sherry Vinegar for a nice vinaigrette.

Crushed: MAY 2022          Biophenols: 451.6



Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in AUSTRALIA

Mmmmm! Creamy, green and mellow, this olive oil tastes buttery smooth. Enjoy the hints of velvety avocado, with a very balanced fruitiness.

No distinguishable pepper finish, this is smooth sailing to the end.

Try this on your whole bread toast in the morning, or for whipping into a balsamic vinaigrette with our Black Cherry Balsamic.

Crushed: APRIL 2022         Biophenols: 186.3


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in CHILE

Fruity, creamy and bright, this olive oil is fantastic.

Hints of ripe avocado mix perfectly with slight artichoke tones. Very smooth, with just a whisper of pungency on the end. Enjoy this with fresh pita bread, drizzled over hummus, or combined with our Champagne Wine Vinegar for a light dressing.

Crushed: MAY 2022           Biophenols: 331.0


Italian Varietal, Currently harvested in Australia

Big, bright and incredibly velvety.

This robust olive oil has fantastic tones of green apple and unripe banana,

which is perfectly balanced with the big pepper on the end.

Use this for topping your grilled pizza, or for sprinkling on an Italian hoagie; 

also delicious for frying eggs.

Crushed: APRIL 2022          Biophenols: 404.0


Spanish Varietal, Currently harvested in AUSTRALIA

Liquid gold perfection!

Fruity, light and bright- this olive oil is perfectly balanced.

Hints of green apple and unripe banana, balanced with the perfect amount of pepper on the end. Absolutely perfect for drenching your popcorn or focaccia bread; or for sipping straight from the bottle!

Crushed: APRIL 2022           Biophenols: 251.2