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L.O.V.E.'s Featured Premium Program

So, What Is It?

Here at L.O.V.E., we are dedicated to getting you the freshest stuff on earth! For this reason, we have started L.O.V.E.'s Featured Premium Oil & Vinegar Program. Each month or each season, depending on what we are featuring; we will have a very small batch of either the freshest olive oil on earth at that moment,

or some of the coolest and unusual vinegar we can get our hands on!






But, What's the Catch?

Because we will be featuring the freshest olive oils in the world at that time,

we are getting them in very small quantities so they remain fresh. This means we will have them in our store only until we run out.Once it is gone, it is gone;

and we will then feature a new one!

So, unfortunately you cannot get used to that Featured Premium as your staple oil or vinegar, but you will have the unique experience of tasting the freshest oils on earth at any given time, or some of the most unique vinegars we can find!

What's a Custom Blend?

From time to time, we get creative!

Whether by accident, or in search of a new flavor, we create L.O.V.E's custom blends in house!  Sometimes we can never quite create them the same,

so get them before they are gone!

What's a Flash Back?

Our Flash Back Program is where we will feature an oil or vinegar variety that we have had in the past, and bring back for a limited time!

Every once in a while, we will have an old friend come back

for a limited time and visit for those who miss it!



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