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Mahi Mahi with Creamy Tomatoes​


24 oz. Mahi Mahi

4 oz. Pancetta

3 Tbsp. Flour

2 Tbsp. L.O.V.E.'s Arbosana Olive Oil

4 Fresh Garlic Cloves

15 oz. Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes

8 Tbsp. Heavy Cream

Kosher Salt & Pepper to Taste

1 Bag of Washed Spinach


        First pat the Mahi Mahi dry and place the flour in a shallow dish. Dip the fish into the flour and coat it on all sides. Cook the pancetta in a large frying pan until nice and crispy; set aside. Then add 1 tbsp. of L.O.V.E.'s Arbosana Olive Oil into the hot pan with the pancetta fat. Place the floured Mahi Mahi in the pan to fry. Flip occasionally to cook through. While frying the fish, place the other tablespoon of olive oil into a medium sized sauce pot. Once hot, grate the fresh garlic right into the hot oil. Cook them for a few minutes until they are soft but not brown, then add the can of diced tomatoes. Cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes to cook off some of the liquid, then reduce the heat to low and add the heavy cream and salt and pepper to taste.

   Once the Mahi Mahi is fried on all sides and looks nice and crispy, you are ready to plate! First place a bed of spinach on each plate. Then add the hot fried fish right on top. Spoon the creamy tomato sauce all over (this will help wilt the spinach) and then top the dish with the fried pancetta. Enjoy!

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