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Showstopping Strawberry Salad

Created by Maggie...tested on great was a success!


1/4 Cup of L.O.V.E.’s Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar

1/8 Cup of L.O.V.E.’s Persian Lime Olive Oil

1 Cup cherry tomatoes

1 ½ Cup sliced fresh strawberries

3 oz. Sharp Cheddar  Cheese, cubed

1/2 Cup Crushed walnuts

Mixed Salad greens

Salt and Pepper to Taste



Make salad dressing by combining Strawberry Balsamic and Persian Lime Oil in a bowl and whisking until blended. In a large bowl place the mixed salad greens. On top of the salad greens, put the sliced strawberries, cheddar cheese, and crushed walnuts. Then add the cherry tomatoes around the rim of the bowl. Take the dressing and pour over the entire salad. Top with fresh crushed black pepper and kosher salt to taste. Place in the refrigerator for at least a half hour before serving to allow the dressing to “soak in.” Enjoy!

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